Gregory "Gregg" Beam is the CIA Section Chief for South America in the 2008 film Quantum of Solace. He was portrayed by David Harbour.

Film biography

Beam makes a deal with Dominic Greene to ignore Quantum's affairs in Bolivia in exchange for a deal for oil. He was contacted by M about Greene but dismissed her as having no interest in Mr. Greene. M saw through the deception.

Beam is on board with Greene, his bodyguard Elvis, Anna and his colleague Felix Leiter. During flight, Greene discusses a deal with Beam. They agree not to interfere with any coup in Bolivia, in exchange for oil found in a patch of land in the country. Beam thinks this is a good deal, as effectively they don't need to take any action against a coup they know nothing about. Greene mentions that he has a 'pest' he would like eliminated as part of the deal. He shows a picture of the MI6 00 agent James Bond to Beam, who asks Felix Leiter to identify it. He lies and tells Beam he doesn't know who it is, something Beam is surprised about since he knew who it was all along.

Beam later sends soldiers after Bond after Greene remarked that he would cause the deal "trouble". He was later exposed and his position was taken by Felix Leiter.