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Guardian Angel is the first novel in The Moneypenny Diaries series, an official spin-off series that focuses on M's assistant Miss Moneypenny. The novel was written by Samantha Weinberg and published in the UK in 2005.

Plot synopsis

The first diary fills in the gaps between a number of agent 007's missions including the period between On Her Majesty's Secret Service and You Only Live Twice, but also includes an entire backstory for Miss Moneypenny. For the first time since Fleming introduced the character alongside Bond in Casino Royale, Moneypenny is given a first name: Jane.


  • The book had a slightly delayed release due to some confusion over the name and Weinberg's use of a pseudonym. Some thought it was going to be a real-life account of a British Agent's secretary. Ian Fleming Publications cleared the matter when the book was released in the UK.


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