Gunther Thorne is a fictional international "techno-terrorist". The character was the primary antagonist for the 1998 James Bond simulator ride theme park attraction James Bond 007: A License To Thrill (also known as 007: Licence to Thrill) and was portrayed by stuntman and actor Sonny Surowiec.

Film biography

After renowned seismologist Dr. Callie Reeves of the Geo Thermal Institute (GTI) develops revolutionary new technology designed to release tectonic plate pressure, controlling future earthquakes, she is kidnapped by international "techno-terrorist" Gunther Thorne. In a bid for world domination, Thorne has other plans for her research - intending to harness it to trigger earthquakes, rather than avoid them. He is interrupted in his plans by British agent James Bond, who engages in a motorcycle chase, leaping onto the trailing ladder of a helicopter from a moving train, and finally landing on a jet ski in pursuit of Thorne. The terrorist is eventually killed by a guided missile.