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Hawkins is a fictional DEA operative and associate of Felix Leiter. He appears in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill, portrayed by actor Grand L. Bush, and also appeared in John Gardner's accompanying novelization.


After Central American drug lord, Franz Sanchez, is spotted in the Bahamas, the DEA send Hawkins and his fellow operative Mullens to notify and collect Felix Leiter in Key West. After interrupting his wedding day by flagging down his car from a helicopter, Leiter and his best man, James Bond (ostensibly, as an "observer"), travel to a airfield where Sanchez is attempting to make his escape. After Sanchez takes to the air in a stolen Beechcraft 18, the agents pursue him by helicopter and hook his aircraft in mid-flight, taking him into custody. He is present during the drug lord's subsequent interrogation and physically restrains his colleague Ed Killifer when he lunges for Sanchez.

Hawkins later attempts to phone Leiter at his home, but instead gets through to Bond, who has discovered that the recently escaped Sanchez has maimed Felix and murdered his wife Della. He phones for an ambulance and later visits Bond at the hospital, where he informs the spy that Sanchez has fled the U.S. and is now outside their jurisdiction. Bond suggests that there are 'other ways' to get to Sanchez, but the frustrated DEA agent promptly orders him to 'let it go'. Later, Hawkins intercepts Bond near the Ernest Hemingway Home and discusses 007's recent break-in to the warehouse where Leiter was maimed; including his killing of two armed guards and causing the death of the traitorous Killifer. He informs him that he is concerned with Bond's violation of U.S. law and can only cover for him so much; the police and District Attorney want to know what happened. Bond storms off, only to be confronted by two armed Secret Intelligence Service men, who usher him into the Hemingway House for an audience with M.



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