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Honorato is the fictional Chief Chemist of the Sanchez Cartel; responsible for developing a smuggling method of dissolving cocaine in gasoline. The character appears in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill, portrayed by Honorato Magaloni, and was also featured in John Gardner's accompanying novelization.


Honorato is the Chief chemist of the Sanchez Cartel. He is seen operating from his laboratry at the Olympatec Meditation Institute - a cover run by Professor Joe Butcher as a mental healing and meditation center, though secretly a cocaine manufacturing and distribution facility. He has developed a method of concealing cocaine in ordinary gasoline. He demonstrates this process to the Cartel's prospective business partners and James Bond. To prove that this process could work, drug lord Franz Sanchez ordered Honorato to perform a process, which produced a goop which was identifed as cocaine. Sanchez intended to ship the product to his partners by oil tanker, and would demand Honorato be on board to oversee the recoversion process once it docked in their native country. However, Bond set fire to the laboratory, destroying the facility and causing Honorato to flee for his life. His fate is unknown.



  • Although referred to as 'Honorato' by Franz Sanchez in film, the character is credited simply as "Chief Chemist" and is only referred to by his title in John Gardner's novelization.


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