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Hulbert Linck is an international businessman in the Democratic Republic of Dahum that debuted in the 2013 James Bond Novel Solo by William Boyd.

Linck is an untraditional Bond Villain in that he poses little or no threat to Bond or to the world at large. Instead he shows a darker side of Bond's profession by being a mostly legitimate businessman who is targeted to advance a country's needs rather than to protect or save lives.

Novel Biography

Early Life

Hulbert was born to a pan-European dairy empire run out of Lichtenstein. At some point he became interested in the Zanzari Civil War and took the seceding Democratic Republic of Dahum under his wing and financed much of its activity personally by chartering military equipment and importing home goods.

It was later revealed that Linck had made an oil contract with Solomon Adeka for 50% revenue of a 25 year exclusive period of distribution from Zanza Petrolium, a company set up by Linck. In exchange for this, Linck provided weapons, mercenaries, and supplies for their Civil War.


Hulbert financed much of Dahum's efforts in the Zanzari Civil War for seemingly no reason. He purchased three fighter planes from the Swedish Military, and chartered cargo in and out of the country from the Janjaville airstrip.

In reality, Linck was dependent on Dahum's survival for exclusive access to its oil reserves. Unfortunately, just before the war ended it was discovered that the oil had not been Adeka's to give, as his Zanzari-favoring elder brother Gabriel Adeka was the Fakassa tribe's true leader.

Linck, Adeka, and Kobus Breed arranged for Gabriel to be killed, and for Solomon to fake his death to take up his brother's identity and charity organization to begin smughling heroin into the United States by planting it into the luggage of refugee children. To keep Solomon quiet, they got him addicted and locked him in the charity's basement.

Linck, after disguising himself as a precaution, met Bond again in Adeka's cell, and began to surrender on the pretense that he had been kidnapped as well, in hopes of getting another chance at the oil deal, but was immedeately shot by CIA agents to strengthen America's chances of accessing the light crude.

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