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In Moonraker Bond is in Venice in Italy with a gondola which drives on land, he appears in Venice briefly at the end of From Russia with Love and in Casino Royale during 007 and Vesper's romantic trip; he is also in Italy in For Your Eyes Only when he is being chased by an East German olympic skier. He visits the Italian island of Sardinia in The Spy Who Loved Me (after the KGB agent XXX directed them there, Bond had originally thought of going to the French island of Corsica). Also in Quantum of Solace when putting Mr. White in the trunk of his Aston Martin DBS, being chased by his men's Alfa Romeo's then driving to a safe house. Afterwards he kills Michelle and then visits Mathis on an Italian Island. In Spectre, he goes into Rome with the stolen Aston Martin DB10, assigned for 009 in which he goes to Sciarra's funeral and meets his wife who kiss, then leaves her. Bond then heads for a SPECTRE Base, killing a guard and escapes, and hops onto his vehicle, which results in a car chase with Mr. Hinx.

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