Jack Marshall is a fictional marine turned terrorist, who serves as the main antagonist in the 2017 James Bond comic Service.

Comic Biography


Due to his extreme nationalism, Marshall joined the English Marines, but was discharged for instability, a history of violence, and extreme nationalist views. Marshall and his nationalist terrorist cell at some point began sending messages to MI6 encrypted with Enigma Code, that revealed a threat to the extremely isolationist United States Secretary of State, Alexander Thomas as retaliation for claiming that the U.S. had outgrown England as an ally. He later discovered a trespasser asking for him, and he revealed himself to be James Bond of MI6, who attempted to dissuade Marshall by telling him that their assassination mission was not cleared and must be halted. Despite his colleagues' insistence that Bond was a pro-EU spy and a traitor, but Marshall could tell that he was a fellow soldier who was following orders, and took him as a hostage to the Imperial War Museum where Marshall and his team prepared to assassinate Secretary Thomas. They began their assault by emerging from the back of an ambulance and firing on the Secretary and his guards. Bond escaped and ruined their plan, but while he was busy fighting one of Marshall's associates, he calmly picked up a handgun and went into the museum after the escaping politician. He managed to corner him and proclaimed him an Enemy of Britain before firing. Unfortunately, the gun did not shoot straight, and Bond shot and killed Marshall with a machine gun.

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