Jack Whittingham was a British screenwriter and playwright involved in the James Bond canon via the Thunderball controversy and the 1983 unoffical Bond film, Never Say Never Again. He was known partners with fellow screenwriter, Kevin McClory.


In 1957, screenwriter Jack Wittingham with his friend Kevin McClory was introduced to Ian Fleming whilst on a collaboration on a possible 007 screenplay in the Bahamas.

Along with Kevin McClory, they had sued Fleming for plagiarism in 1963 of the screenplay. During the lawsuit, Whittingham stepped down as 'co-plaintiff' and stood by Kevin as 'principal witness', having previously signed away all his rights "of whatsoever nature" entirely when the screenplay was presumed finished. As a result of the settlement, future versions of the novel were forced to credit, based on the screen treatment by Kevin McClory, Jack Whittingham, and Ian Fleming (in that order). His work would carry onto the 1964 Bond film, Thunderball and the 1983 non-official remake, Never Say Never Again.

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