Jacoba Brink is a fictional character in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only. She was played by Jill Bennett.

Film biography


Aris Kristatos' recent financial investment, ice-skater Bibi Dahl spends most of her days training for the upcoming Olympics with the aim and intention of walking away with the gold medal. Working to a strict training regime set by her coach, Jacoba Brink who was a world-class skater, Bibi has very little freedom to do what a girl of her age desires, but generally accepts Brink's regimen in hopes of one day competing in the Olympics.


Continuing her training at Kristatos' retreat in the mountains of Greece, Bibi has become tired of her sponsors lack of enthusiasm for her Olympic success. When Kristatos tells her he plans to move to Cuba, Bibi becomes defensive with Kristatos telling him he's too old for her and that she wants to part ways, with intentions of finding a new sponsor. Kristatos blames Brink but Bibi defends her coach too.

Shortly after, Bibi decides to leave the retreat. Packing her bags, Brink tells her she will never leave her side. When Brink joins forces with Bond, an unaware Bibi presumes Kristatos is holding her captive; confronting her sponsor, she takes a hard slap to the face after telling Kristatos to go to hell.

After watching Columbo kill her captor, Bibi tends to Columbo's wounds. As she does this, Columbo pours money into her hands insinuating she's found a new sponsor.

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