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James Bond: The Man and His World (the Official Companion to Ian Fleming's Creation) is a 2005 book written by Bondologist Henry Chancellor. It serves as a critical analysis of both Ian Fleming and his James Bond canon.


Henry Chancellor was given permission by Ian Fleming Publications to pen an official book surrounding Fleming and his cannon. The book seeks to examine Fleming's literary Bond in his own right unlike most other contemporary Bond studies which are based, at least partly, on the film series. Chancellor was given access to original sources research notes, diaries, annotated manuscripts and ephemera from Fleming's files.


Charlie Higson, author of Young Bond series said of the book: I wish Henry had written this book three years ago. It really does tell you everything you need to know about Ian Fleming and the creation of James Bond, the most popular English literary hero of the 20th century. It's not just for Bond nuts, though, the fantastic material from Fleming's own archives give you a vivid picture of the world that Bond sprang from.


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