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James Bond: Top Agent (released for iOS as 007: Top Agent) was a turn-based tactical video game published by Sony Online Entertainment for mobile phones. The game coincided with the 2008 film Quantum of Solace. The game was preloaded on Sony Ericsson's limited-edition James Bond themed Sony Ericsson C902 phone.[2]


The initial Java ME version of Top Agent was released in April 2008 for compatible handsets. James Bond: Top Agent allowed players to create their own customised secret agent, and battle other players, henchmen, and villains in a multiplayer gaming experience. Agents became more powerful as they collected weapons and experience points, specialising in brawling, gunmanship, or gadgetry. Players could collect over 80 items and weapons.[3] The game featured downloadable content packs with content based on Die Another Day and Goldfinger, although networked aspects of the game (multiplayer challenges and pack downloading) were not available globally and required a valid subscription on some US carriers.[4] An iOS version of Top Agent was released in December 2009 for iPhone and iPod Touch.


As with many James Bond video-games for mobile platforms, James Bond: Top Agent received generally mixed reviews from critics, with criticism and praise levelled at the game's choice of genre. IGN scored the game 4.0 out of 10, citing the game's choice of genre, poor AI and poor pacing. Reviewing the iOS version, Levi Buchanan scathingly remarked "007: Top Agent is just bizarre. A Pokemon-ish, turn-based battle game starring James Bond? Hello, cognitive dissonance. But even if the general idea makes little sense, the game itself is seriously flawed."[5] Reviewing the Java version, Jon Mundy of Pocket Gamer scored the game 6 out of ten and praised developers Javaground for their originality, rather than creating an action platformer, the staple of mobile games at the time. He singled out the game's graphics, describing them as "lovely, from the bold menu screens to the detailed scenes and characters", but remarked that while "colourful and original, James Bond: Top Agent is fundamentally hampered by its reliance on luck".[6]






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