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Commander James Bond is a Senior Operational Officer of the 'Double-O' ('00') Branch, an ultra-covert Black Ops unit within the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). As an agent of MI6, Bond holds code number "007". The 'double-O' prefix indicates his discretionary licence to kill in the performance of his duties.

Portrayed by actor Jason Carter in voice only, the character appeared in the Electronic Arts' 2004 video-game GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. Carter's Bond was unable to use the likeness of Bond actor Pierce Brosnan due to his retiring from the role after 2004's Everything or Nothing, and instead used a generic model and Carter's voice.

Game biography

GoldenEye: Rogue Agent

Bond was assigned to take a training mission with a 00-Section candidate in a virtual reality simulator. The mission was to eliminate a nuclear device inside Fort Knox set by Auric Goldfinger with the intention of irradiating the United States supply of gold in order to throw the global economy into chaos.

While on the helicopter ride in, Bond and his partner's craft was shot down, and fell through the ground, and into the facility. After the crash, Bond was caught hanging by his ankle from the helicopter over the edge of a balcony. Bond attempted to free himself, but fell to his death.

After his partner failed to stop the explosive device, the two were taken out of the simulator, and his partner was fired for being too reckless. Bond continued to work for the SIS.



  • Bond is programmed to fall when GoldenEye gets too close to him.

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