For the 1965 book by Kingsley Amis, see The James Bond Dossier.

James Bond 007: The Ultimate Dossier is a CD-ROM reference guide developed by Micro Interactive, published by MGM Interactive and distributed by Eidos Interactive. The software was released in November 1996 in North America for the Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 platforms.[2][3]


Contained over 55 minutes of full motion video clips, over 22 minutes of audio clips, over 1,800 still photographs and over 850 detailed articles on different aspects of the 007 franchise. Included highlights from all 17 contemporaneous Bond Films, an original video montage of the key story elements for each adventure, storyboards, an animated geographical map of every Bond Mission. Original film reviews, news clips and box office results, plus photos of the original theatrical film posters. Complete film credits hyperlinked to individual data pages for key cast members.

Box contents

  • Instruction manual
  • CD Sampler
  • Double sided jewel case with inserts
  • 3 x CD-ROM discs


Eidos Interactive

  • Michael D. Guttentag ... Director of Production
  • Amy E. Sullivan ... Production Assistant
  • Rawson Law Stovall ... Manager, Quality Assurance
  • Rue Hon, Mark Harwood, Chris Strompolos ... Quality Assurance Leads

Micro Interactive

  • Steven C. Baum ... Executive Producer
  • Derrick E. Shriver ... Project Manager
  • Eric Freedman, Bill Skrief ... Art Directors
  • Bennet Lieber, Michael J. Riccardi ... Content Producers
  • Steven K. Goldberg, Adlai N. Taha ... Technical Leads
  • Steven K. Goldberg, Adlai N. Taha, Oliver Daniel, Victor Liu, Kaushal Shah, Marty Yoo, Chris Chang, Peter Kuang ... Development
  • Bill Skrief, Maureen Zeccola, Mark Trzepla, Peter Petropoulakos, Ju-Wei David Shao, Todd Reinhart, TJ Beatrice, David Johnson ... Graphic Design
  • Lee Pfeiffer, John Cork, Michael J. Riccardi, Bruce Scivally ... Writers
  • Michael J. Riccardi, Bennet Lieber, Heather Harrigan, Kellye Pritchard ... Editors
  • Jonathan Smith, Bennett Lieber ... Video Post Production
  • Marshall Grupp (Pink Noise) ... Sound Design
  • Marty Yoo ... QA Project Lead
  • Jonathan A. Benjamin, Meredith Ferraro, John Imbemba, Elliot Kwestel, David Narine, Lawrence Patti,David Sklar, Elisabeth Willsea, Joshua D. Zapin, Patrick Zovistoski ... Technical and Production Assistants
  • Lee Pfeiffer ... Supplemental Photos (provided by)






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