James Bond Trivia is a single-player quiz video game that was developed by 8-Bit Games Ltd and published by Sony Pictures Digital for mobile phones. The title features one hundred trivia questions covering a variety of topics relating to the James Bond franchise (up-to 2006) and was released in December 2006 for Java-capable handsets.[1]


Developed for Java-equipped handsets, James Bond Trivia is a quiz game in which the goal is to answer 100 questions about the James Bond franchise. Questions are answered within a time-limit, with quick responses generating higher scores. Questions are divided into six categories: 'mission matters' (plot questions), 'know your double' (actors), 'Bond women', 'Q Branch' (gadgets), 'behind the scenes' (film production), and 'spypourri'. They include questions such as 'What is the name of Goldfinger's personal pilot?' and 'What James Bond song was parodied in television ads for Butterfinger candy bars in the early 1970s?'.[1]

The player has five lives and for every incorrect answer they lose a life. For a correct answer, the player earns a bullet. After five questions, the player enters a bonus-round - the 'target range'. The objective of the round is to shoot collected bullets at a dummy-target. Players are given three seconds to aim a wavering cross-hair at one of two bulls-eyes, after which a shot is automatically fired. Different locations on the dummy grant different amounts of points, which contribute to the player's 'Agent-Ranking'. If the player loses all the lives the game ends and the player's ranking progress is reset. The player can choose to continue from where they left off, but will start again at 'Cadet'. Player ranks include 'cadet', 'rookie', 'agent', 'secret agent', and 'commander'.



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