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Aside from the 38 official James Bond books, Ian Flemingand other official Bond authors have written several short stories within the James Bond universe.



Fleming wrote 9 short stories about Bond in his lifetime, 6 of which were serialized in magazines and newspapers including Playboy and the UK's The Sunday Times. His first five were published in the 1960 book For Your Eyes Only and the last four were published posthumously in 1966's Octopussy and The Living Daylights.


While contracted by Ian Fleming Publications to scribe Bond novels, Raymond Benson also wrote three short stories that were originally published in Playboy and TV Guide from 1997 to 1999.

A fourth short story titled "The Heart of Erzulie" was written by Raymond Benson in-between Never Dream of Dying and The Man with the Red Tattoo however it was never published because Ian Fleming Publications felt it was "too much of a Fleming pastiche." Benson, himself, acknowledges that it was little more than a time-killer in the interim between the two book projects.


Part of Samantha Weinberg's spin off series The Moneypenny Diaries included two short stories published in Tatler and The Spectator in 2006.


After completing his Young Bond series, Charlie Higson wrote one short story which was included in his companion book Danger Society: The Young Bond Dossier in 2009.

List of short stories

Title Year Original Source Author
"Quantum of Solace" 1959 Modern Woman's Magazine Ian Fleming
"The Hildebrand Rarity" 1960 Playboy
"From a View to a Kill" For Your Eyes Only
"For Your Eyes Only"
"The Living Daylights" 1962 The Sunday Times
"007 in New York" 1963 New York Herald Tribune
"The Property of a Lady" The Ivory Hammer
"Octopussy" 1966 Playboy
"Blast From the Past" 1997 Raymond Benson
"Midsummer Night's Doom" 1999
"Live at Five" TV Guide
"For Your Eyes Only, James" 2006 Tatler Samantha Weinberg
"Moneypenny's First Date with Bond" The Spectator
"A Hard Man to Kill" 2009 Danger Society: The Young Bond Dossier Charlie Higson
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