Jean Le Rouge is a fictional henchman and enforcer in the employ of Arkady Yayakov. The character appears in the 2004 video-game Everything or Nothing and was voiced by Marc Graue.

Game Biography

Everything or Nothing

After Arkady Yayakov discovered that his singer Mya Starling was an NSA agent trying to get him arrested, He took Le Rouge and Starling to a graveyard in order to escape James Bond, who was trying to free her. Yayakov sent Le Rouge to the crematorium to get rid of the singing spy, but he was interrupted by Bond, who killed him.

Boss Fight

During his Boss fight, Jean Le Rouge will go to the middle of the room to activate the conveyor that will carry Mya Starling toward the furnace, this is a good time to get a few shots in. Jean Le Rouge can be beaten efficiently by luring him near a gas tank and shooting it. On "Agent" and "00 Agent" difficulties, when Le Rouge reaches 50% health guards will enter to aid him.