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Jed Midnight is a gang leader in the novel Goldfinger.

Novel biography

Jed Midnight's base of operations is Miami, Florida, where he is the leader of the Shadow Syndicate. They also have connections in Havana, Cuba.

In June 1957, Midnight participated with Auric Goldfinger in the attempted robbery of Fort Knox, Kentucky. Midnight was as first skeptical of such an ambitious robbery, citing the reputation of the US Army base, until Goldfinger cited earlier robberies of previous "impenetrable" places. Midnight also warned James Bond that Pussy Galore is a lesbian based on her interest in Tilly Masterson, and warns if Bond does not intevene, soon Tilly "would be parting her hair three ways".

During the robbery, where Pussy and her gang impersonated nurses, Midnight and fellow gang members Billy Ring, Mr. Solo and Jack Strap impersonated Red Cross doctors and wore robes signifying their status as senior physicians to falsely mirror their leadership status.

During the fight where Felix Leiter thwarted the gold robbery, Midnight managed to escape, while the other gangsters were arrested or killed by Goldfinger for their failure. Leiter complained how Midnight is still at large, and could likely remain a free man due to his clout and organization in Florida.

Physical Appearance

Midnight is described as being a heavy man with a red face and large, intelligent eyes. He wears a light blue tropical suit over a white silk shirt ornamented with small green palm trees, and a complicated half-pound gold wristwatch.


  • Unlike the novel, where Midnight flees during the Battle of Fort Knox, Midnight is killed with the other gangsters in the film.

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