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"Floods in Pakistan, riots in Paris, and a plane crash in California."
― Hobbs to Carver.[src]

Jeff Hobbs is a fictional high-ranking executive of the Carver Media Group Network working for the enterprise's CEO, Elliot Carver. A minor antagonist portrayed by British actor Hugo Napier, he briefly appeared in the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies.


Jeff Hobbs is a high-ranking executive of the Carver Media Group Network and member of the company's Special Projects division. As one of Elliot Carver's main associates, he is tasked to arrange and report any news of havoc that would earn lots of ratings. After Stamper has sunk a British frigate named HMS Devonshire and stolen the weapons inside, Hobbs is one of the many executives speaking to Carver in a meeting giving an update via video uplink while Carver is planning the launch of his new satellite news channel in his headquarters in Hamburg. The American informs Elliot of several floods in Pakistan, riots in Paris, and a plane crash in California (all of them presumably set up by Hobbs' division), much to Carver's delight. Along with the other executives, Hobbs is tell of Carver's next intent of raising attention of an imminent war between United Kingdom and China. However, this is not the case because James Bond and his Chinese partner Wai Lin foiles Carver's next move of sending a stolen British missile into Beijing, destroying his stealth ship and killing the media mogul and his crew in the process. It is unknown what happenes to Wallace and the other executives, either they are lost their jobs and are arrested for their involvement in Carver's plot or may manage to escape the authorities.


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