Sir John Charnage is a fictional Knight of the Realm industrialist, and major villain from author Charlie Higson's 2007 Young Bond novel Double or Die.

Novel biography

Double or Die

After College, Charnage went to fight for England in World War One, but lost faith in his country during the battle of Galipolli. While studying Chemistry University, he met Alexis Fairburn, and Ivar Petersen, who were studying Mathematics. He and Petersen became heavily interested in Communism, but they lost contact after University. After leaving University, Charnage became an entrepreneur and headed his father's Charnage Chemical Foundry, which had a reputation for being the last resort for the poor, as the fumes would slowly kill anyone who worked there, so it was always hiring. After it went out of business, he converted it into the Paradice Casino to try to repay his debts to local gangs. Charnage was eventually approached by Colonel Irina Sedova to create a calculating machine codenamed Project Nemesis. He hired on his friend from University Professor Ivar Petersen, to whom he did not reveal his employer and told him it was for gambling, and Alexis Fairburn who deduced the true nature of their project and left. After Fairburn attempted to leave the project, he hired Wolfgang and Ludwig Smith to get all of the plans for the project, and to kidnap Fairburn, and when the machine was complete, he had Petersen killed.

Later, James Bond and Perry Mandeville came to investigate Fairburn's disappearance, and Charnage called the police on them, but they escaped. Charnage then sent the Smiths to Highgate Cemetery to find them, and they returned with considerable injuries before Charnage's Dialmer exploded in the lot outside. Ludwig then found Bond in the Casino, and took him to Charnage's office where he forced poisoned gin down Bond's throat while attempting to learn what the boy knew. He then ordered the Smiths to take care of the boy, but they came back injured yet again. Sedova then had had enough of his incompetence, and had Ludwig kill him. Charnage was then left on the floor of his ship's cargo hold next to the Nemesis machine. He was found by Bond and Red Kelley, with whom he went to destroy the ship's motors to break the machine. Charnage then went down with his ship due to blood loss from Ludwig's stabbing him.


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