John Pearson is an author who wrote The Life of Ian Fleming, based on Fleming's Life and a fictional biography of James Bond, called James Bond: The Authorized Biography. He was basically Fleming's biographer.

Meeting Ian Fleming

Pearson first met Fleming in London at the Sunday Times where he was looking for a job since he just made a disastrous six-month career at BBC Television in the early 1950's. He got a telephone call from him who said his name was Ian Fleming and he needed someone to help him to write a column for a article he was doing on The Sunday Times. When he worked as Fleming's assistant, he knew very little about the man and didn't know that he wrote fascinating thriller novels until six-months on the job when he found out that he did. Pearson's first reaction to this was that in his eyes it wasn't even possible that Fleming ever wrote them. He knew Fleming to be a solitary man during his first month's of knowing him, but as time marched on he gained more knowledge of where Fleming's traits came from, which stemmed back from his Naval Intelligence Days.

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