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Judy Havelock is a fictional character from the short story For Your Eyes Only that is included in the eponymous anthology written by Ian Fleming.


Judy Havelock is the daughter of Colonel Timothy Havelock (Ret.) and his wife, who are assassinated at the behest of Herr von Hammerstein by Major Hector Gonzales because they refused to sell their Jamaican property. von Hammerstein then proceeds to bully Judy into selling the property with intimidation tactics. On one such occasion, von Hammerstein's men hill her pet dog whom she'd raised from a puppy.

Judy travels to Cuba on order to find out about von Hammerstein and Gonzales. She dressed herself up and wore her family's jewelry, gambling it big in a casino. She slowly finds leads on the murderous pair before finding out von Hammerstein's current whereabouts from a police officer after sleeping with him.

Meanwhile, M, a family friend, asks James Bond his opinion on the Havelock case. Questioning his own motivation for sending an agent after von Hammerstein, he wonders if he should as it may look like a revenge action. Bond reassures M saying von Hammerstein should be dealt with. M agrees and sends Bond to Vermont, via Canada, where von Hammerstein and his men are hiding. There, Bond runs into Judy Havelock, who is there to personally kill von Hammerstein.

Judy finds Bond surveying von Hammerstein's property and mistakes him for a deer poacher. Upon Bond revealing he knew her identity she was initially suspicious of him, but Bond and Judy join up to take on von Hammerstein, Gonzales and the others. Armed with a bow and arrow, Judy kills von Hammerstein by shooting him in the back with a arrow from 100 yards (91 m) away at the precise moment that he dives into a lake. A shoot-out then occurs between Bond and Gonzales and the two Cuban gunmen. Judy was then wounded during the gunfight that followed, a bullet grazing her arm.

After the incident is cleared up Bond arranges with the authorities in Canada for her to be given passage to London and for her to be given permission to meet M personally. It is revealed that she later moved from her estate in Jamaica to take up residence in Canada.


  • Judy has wide eyed vision, a trait Bond himself possesses and apparently an essential skill for a 00 agent.

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