Maslov, formerly Kandinsky, is a fictional Polish electronics expert hired by the criminal organisation SPECTRE to handle two stolen atomic bombs as part of their "Plan Omega" extortion scheme. He was given the SPECTRE designation "Number 18". The character appears in the 1961 Ian Fleming novel Thunderball.

Novel biography

Maslov, formerly Kandinsky, was a Polish electronics expert who, in 1956, had resigned as head of the radio research department of Philips AG of Eindhoven and had then disappeared into obscurity. Maslov was one of two scientists hired by SPECTRE (the other being Kotze) to study and adapt their two stolen atomic bombs; replacing their fuses with time mechanisms. The character is briefly mentioned as being present during SPECTRE's meeting in Paris, where he raises a question regarding the delivery of the extortion money (in gold bullion), and is last seen tinkering with the atomic bombs aboard the Disco Volante following their theft.

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