Wallis was Certifiable.

Zero Intrinsic Protections, and, as Configured for 007, a Boat Anchor.

It Needed a Supercharged Piston engine, Burning Nitro. Or, Miniscule Turbofan burning Filtered Lysol/Acetone.

"Agility" came from Low Mass/Low Drag, Fair Blade Controls, and Pure Psycopathy of victims, er, Pilots.

For The Queen, You Could secret a 1 metre Chute in the Tail, to Salvage costly ECM. (%$)

In REALITY, The Pilot, under Exigent Circumstances, might better deploy a Walther PPK or 1911 VS Ground Targets.

Love This Board, Chumley.


Ken, Downey CA US ("Allied")

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