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"I had never seen a Bond movie before I did that one... So I did a lot of research. I remember going to that meeting with the producer. It was Micheline, Sean’s wife, who had suggested me for this role. I had a meeting with these people, and I sat there and suggested a lot of other girls in the business for the part because I said, “I do not look like that, okay?” But the producer said, “No, Sean wants to meet you in London.”"
― Kim Basinger[src]

Kim Basinger is an American Oscar winning actress and model. She starred in Never Say Never Again as Domino Petachi.


Kimila Ann "Kim" Basinger was born in Athens, Georgia on December 8, 1953. She has starred in such films as Batman, L.A Confidential and 8 Mile. For her performance in L.A Confidential she won a Academy Award for best supporting actress along with a Golden Globe award for best supporting actress.

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