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"We trained you. Financed you. What would you be without us? A biological experiment? A physiological freak?"
― Klotkoff to Max Zorin.[src]

Klotkoff's death.

Klotkoff was a fictional Soviet intelligence operative working for the KGB. The character appeared in the 1985 James Bond film A View to a Kill and was portrayed by New Zealand actor and singer, Bogdan Kominowski.


Early in the film, General Gogol is forced to take the risk of personally meeting with Soviet operative Max Zorin after he refuses to answer to his KGB controller. Klotkoff and Venz accompany Gogal to a race course in France to meet with the rogue agent. During the heated meeting Gogol rebukes Zorin for his unauthorized 'assassination' of 007, his attention-drawing racing activities and unauthorised commercial ventures. Zorin responds by officially renouncing his KGB membership, prompting Klotkoff to angrily assert that he would be nothing without the KGB's financing and training; a mere biological experiment, a physiological freak. At this, May Day grabs Klotkoff and raises him above her head. As her armed henchwomen burst in, Venz draws his sidearm and a hostile standoff occurs. Furious, Gogol orders them to control themselves and Zorin complies by having May Day hurl the man to the ground. Staring bitterly at her, Venz proceeds to tend to the wounded man. Noting that no-one ever leaves the KGB, Gogol turns and leaves.

Later at Zorin's oil pumping station, Klotkoff and Pola Ivanova record Zorin discussing plans to destroy San Francisco's Silicon Valley. They attempt to foil Zorin's plans for " Operation Main Strike", or simply murder him, by attaching a mine on the underside of the station. Pola manages to escape but Klotkoff is caught and forced to disarm the mine. Zorin then orders that Klotkoff be thrown into the intake pipe rotors, which cut him to pieces.

Although Klotkoff failed to assassinate Zorin and lost his life for the attempt, his spying ultimately brought down Zorin. James Bond later came into possession of Klotkoff's cassette and deduced Zorin's grand scheme of "Operation Main Strike", which would have been to destroy Silicon Valley.


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