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Kristatos was a fictional narcotics smuggler and intelligence informant based in Italy. The character was first introduced in Ian Fleming's 1960 James Bond short story, Risico, which was later published in the compilation book, For Your Eyes Only. He also appeared in the Daily Express comic strip adaptation of the story, published between 3rd April and 24th June 1961.


In the short story Risico, James Bond is sent by his superior, M, to investigate a narcotics-smuggling pipeline between Italy and England. M instructs Bond to get in touch with a CIA informant named Kristatos, who is described as "big, solid man" with a thick brown moustache.[2] Bond warms to the man, and over dinner with him is told that a smuggler named Enrico Colombo is behind the racket. When Bond sets out to find more information on Colombo, he is captured and brought aboard Colombo's ship, the Colombina. He informs Bond that Kristatos is actually the one in charge of the drug smuggling operation, and that Kristatos is backed by the Soviet Intelligence apparatus. As an act of psychological warfare, the Russians are supplying unlimited quantities of raw opium from their poppy fields in the Caucasus, via Albania. It is then processed into heroin at Kristatos' chemical works in Naples and is subsequently transported to London by his couriers.[3]

Colombo agrees to help Bond by providing information about things "as long as none of it comes back to Italy". Bond agrees to help Colombo eliminate Kristatos and the Colombina sails to a small fishing-port north of Ancona, Santa Maria, where Kristatos' men are unloading another large shipment of raw opium - disguised as newsprint rolls - from an Albanian ship. They attack the Albanians and Kristatos' adjacent warehouse; discovering the villain lurking near the building, preparing to detonate a bomb. After the bomb explodes Kristatos attempts to escape by car, but is shot by Bond while behind the wheel and is last seen driving off into the fog.


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