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Lazar: "Mr. Bond, bullets do not kill. It is the finger that pulls the trigger."
James Bond: "Exactly. I am now aiming precisely at your groin. So speak or forever hold your piece."
―Lazar and James Bond.[src]

Lazar is a fictional Portuguese gunsmith who appears in the 1974 James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun, portrayed by Anglo-Indian actor Marne Maitland.


Lazar is a Portuguese gunsmith living in Macau who conceived Francisco Scaramanga's Golden Gun[1] and has delivered golden bullets for him to his mistress, Andrea Anders at a casino and is paid in cash. One day, the British spy James Bond accidentally interrupts a woman and children eating their dinner, to be met by Lazar. The gunsmith warmly takes him inside and reveals that he knows of Bond's reputation, hoping to make some kind of firearm for him. Inside, he shows Bond a rifle for a client who lost two fingers. This weapon has an usual design, with the trigger housed inside the butt. For five-fingered people such as Bond, the rifle is off balance, the shot being an inch too low. Lazar also knows the spy carries a Walther PPK, and remarks that he considers mass production to make crummy products, also saying that his shop is reputed to have handmade firearms of his fine craftsmanship. Bond manages to intimidate Lazar into revealing his business relationship with Scaramanga, by aiming the special rifle at his crotch, but when Lazar hesitiates, Bond fires. However, the shot misses, going between Lazar's legs. This still sufficiently forces Lazar into revealing he had just created a box of golden bullets for Scaramanga, but he admits he has never met him in person, due to his secretive nature. Bond then tails Lazar to the casino, where Lazar, now dressed in a suit and tie to try and look like a gambler, goes to a Mahjong table and deposits the box of golden bullets into a bucket, which is then lifted and received by Andrea, who, in turn, puts a hunk of cash into the bucket to pay Lazar. Bond proceeded to turn his attention towards tailing Andrea. Lazar is not seen after that, although it is assumed he resumed his craftmanship. He later lost a big client when Scaramanga was killed by Bond, thus making his box of golden bullets his final business deal with the famous assassin.

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