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Liscence to Kill

The Licence to Kill soundtrack cover

Initially Eric Clapton and Vic Flick were asked to write and perform the theme song to Licence to Kill. The theme was said to have been a new version based on the James Bond theme. The guitar riff heard in the original recording of the theme was played by Flick. The prospect, however, fell apart and Gladys Knight's song and performance was chosen. The music video of "Licence to Kill" was directed by Daniel Kleinman, who later took over the reins of title designer from Maurice Binder for the 1995 Bond film, GoldenEye.

Notably, the end credits of the film feature "If You Asked Me To", sung by Patti LaBelle; In 1992 the song was covered and became a hit for singer Céline Dion.

The soundtrack was composed by Michael Kamen, who is best known for composing the soundtrack for the first three Die Hard films (which the first film featured Andreas Wisniewski (who played Necros in previously film The Living Daylights) in a brief role as the ill-fated terrorist and the main villian's right-hand man's younger brother Tony) and all four Lethal Weapon films.

Track listing

  1. Licence to Kill; Gladys Knight
  2. Wedding Party; Ivory
  3. Dirty Love; Tim Feehan
  4. Pam
  5. If You Asked Me To; Patti LaBelle
  6. James & Felix Leiter on Their Way to Church
  7. His Funny Valentine
  8. Sanchez Is in the Bahamas/Shark Fishing
  9. Ninja
  10. Licence Revoked
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