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Lieutenant Orso was a fictional renegade Bolivian military officer serving as the bodyguard of the exiled General Medrano. A supporting antagonist portrayed by Mexican actor, Jesús Ochoa, the character appeared in the 2008 James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.


Lt. Orso was a subordinate and bodyguard of exiled Bolivian general, Medrano. He accompanies his commanding officer to Port-au-Prince, Haiti for his meeting with Quantum member, Dominic Greene. To sweeten their new partnership, Greene offers the General his vengeful enemy, Camille Montes, requesting that they kill her once he is done with her. She is unwillingly saved by the intervention of 007. Some time later at the Perla de las Dunas in Bolivia, Orso watched over the General during a tense second meeting to finalize his deal with Greene. Tensions flare when Medrano realizes he has been manipulated by Greene, but are deescalated by threats of Quantum reprisals. The dejected General proceeds to his room with the intention of raping a hotel employee, whilst Orso stands guard outside. Camille infiltrates the hotel with 007, stealthily makes her way to Medrano's room, shoots both guards and pushes the wounded Lieutenant over the edge of the second-floor railing, presumably to his death.



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