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Countess Lisl von Schlaf was the fictional mistress of Greek smuggler Milos Columbo. Loosely based on Lisl Baum from Ian Fleming's short story "Risico", the character appeared in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, portrayed by Australian actress Cassandra Harris and also appeared in the comic adaptation of the film by Marvel Comics.


For Your Eyes Only (film)

The mistress of smuggler Milos Columbo, Lisl is sent to extract information from James Bond. At a casino in Corfu, Lisl and Columbo intentionally quarrel to attract the spy's attention, climaxing with the girl throwing a glass of wine over him and leaving. Bond, posing as a journalist, avails of the opportunity to meet her and the pair share a ride to Columbo's beach property. The Countess invites Bond to share champagne and oysters with her, during which the couple makes love. With her accent slipping, it is revealed that the "Countess" is not actually Austrian nobility and is a native of Liverpool, England.

The following morning, the pair are attacked as they stroll along the beach. Aris Kristatos' enforcer Locque mows Lisl down with a beach buggy, killing her instantly. Later, Bond avenges Lisl and assassinated ally Luigi Ferrara by kicking Locque and his teetering car off the edge of a cliff. Columbo showed little emotion when he learned of her death, although he described her saying, "I would laugh if my heart were not so heavy about my poor Lisl."

Alternate continuities

For Your Eyes Only (Marvel)

Behind the scenes

At the time of filming Cassandra Harris was married to future Bond actor Pierce Brosnan and the couple lunched with Bond producer Albert R. Broccoli during filming.[1]



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