Q demonstrates the dart gun from Moonraker

One popular element of the James Bond franchise is the exotic equipment and vehicles he is assigned on his missions, which often prove to be critically useful.

The original books and early adaptations had only relatively minimal pieces like the modified attache case in From Russia with Love. However, the gadgets took on a more spectacular profile in the film version of Goldfinger and its tremendous success encouraged the following films to have Bond supplied still more equipment. For instance, it became an expected scene in each film where Q would present and demonstrate Bond's assigned tools for the mission, and it was a near guarantee that each and every piece would be invaluable to Bond in the field. In this sense, Bond gadgets became a prime example of the literary technique of Chekhov's gun.

Fans eventually complained that the use of gadgets became excessive in the Roger Moore films, particularly in Moonraker, and subsequent productions struggled to find a balance in which gadgets could have a place without giving the impression that the character unduly depended on them or using stories that arbitrarily included situations that exactly fit the use of the gadgets assigned.

This article concerns the gadgets James Bond typically carried on his person, along with additional gadgets used by others. For his gadget vehicles, see List of James Bond vehicles.

Dr. No

Gadgets - DN - PPK Walther PPK - Technically the only notable "gadget" in the entire film is when M and Major Boothroyd force Bond to trade in his Beretta 418 for the Walther PPK. Bond has since used the pistol in every movie up to Tomorrow Never Dies, when it was temporarily switched to a Walther P99. In Quantum of Solace use of the Walther PPK was resumed.
Gadgets - DN - Transmitter Radio transmitter - Hidden behind a fake panel in Strangways' bookcase, the MI6 radio transmitter was located at the Jamaican station and was used to make regular contact with London. Strangways' assistant was operating the equipment when she was murdered.
Gadgets - DN - Cyanide Cigarette Cyanide cigarettes - Cigarettes containing cyanide. Used by Jones, an operative of Dr. Julius No. In a bid to escape interrogation by Bond, he bites down on a cigarette and dies seconds later. Although it doesn't appear in the novel, Bond is sent a cyanide-laced basket of fruit by Dr. No.
Gadgets - DN - Geiger Counter Geiger counter - Bond requests a Geiger counter be shipped to Jamaica, and he picks it up at Pleydell-Smith's office. He uses it to scan the bottom of the boat that had taken the late John Strangways to Crab Key Island, confirming that the rock samples he had brought back had been radioactive.
Gadgets - DN - Watch Luminous Rolex wristwatch - Bond confirms the functioning of the Geiger Counter by testing it against the luminous, slightly radioactive dial of his wristwatch (a Rolex 6538 Submariner). This is a holdover from Fleming's novels, in which Bond is described as having a similar watch.

From Russia with Love

Gadgets - FRWL - Watch Garotte wristwatch - A wristwatch from which a wire garrote can be drawn. It is used by Red Grant to strangle a fake Bond as part of a training exercise in the opening scene. He later attempts to strangle the real 007 in the film's climax, only to have it turned against him.
Gadgets - FRWL - Pager Pager - Bond had a pager to notify him if he ever needed to contact MI6. The pager is a one-way method of communication (from MI6 to the operative) and bleeps when the user is needed. It is worth noting that in 1963 the pager didn't exist, and wouldn't become a common item for over 20 years.
Gadgets - FRWL - Attache Case Attaché briefcase - This is Bond's first real film gadget. This briefcase given to Bond by Q-Branch contains a folding sniper rifle inside while ammunition, a knife and fifty gold sovereigns are contained in secret compartments accessible on the outside of the case. In addition, there is a safety mechanism that will detonate a gas bomb in the briefcase if opened improperly. This case is almost identical to the one described in Fleming's novel except the book added a cyanide capsule which Bond was to use to commit suicide upon capture (Bond immediately flushes it down a toilet).
Gadgets - FRWL - Bug Detector Bug detector - A small device that is designed to detect the presence of a phone tap device in a regular telephone when placed against such a device. Bond uses it to see if the telephone in his Istanbul hotel room is bugged.
Gadgets - FRWL - Camera Tape-recorder camera - A small reel-to-reel tape recorder disguised as a camera. Bond uses it to interrogate Tatiana and sends the tape back to MI6, where M and other officials play it back to listen to the technical specifications of the Lektor.
Gadgets - FRWL - Dagger Shoes Dagger shoes - A shoe with a retractable, poison-tipped blade concealed in the toe-cap. In the film the poison caused death within seven seconds. Dr. No, the novel's sequel, notes that the shoe spike was coated with the poison tetrodotoxin. In the film they were worn by SPECTRE operatives Rosa Klebb and Morzeny, whereas in the novel they were worn only by Klebb.


Gadgets - GF - Duck Wetsuit/fake duck - An almost comical attempt at stealth (for which Bond displays sharp disapproval in the manner by which he casts it aside). Bond uses this as a cover to infiltrate an enemy facility.
Gadgets - GF - Parking Meter Gas parking meter - Q’s assistants are seen experimenting with a parking meter that sprays tear gas when a coin is inserted. Aside from this scene it is not seen again in the film.
Gadgets - GF - Transmitters Homing beacon - Bond is given two homing beacons from Q-branch. The first is larger and used when Bond tracks the villain, Auric Goldfinger, to his base. The second is smaller and allows MI6 to know where Bond is.
Gadgets - GF - Shoes Heel compartment - A secret compartment in the heel of Bond's shoe, used for storing the smaller of the two homing beacons.
Gadgets - GF - Hat Oddjob's hat - Goldfinger's henchman, Oddjob, uses a hat with a razor-sharp steel rim as a throwing weapon. The hat is capable of slicing stone and metal when thrown hard enough. Oddjob uses the weapon three times; once as a demonstration on a stone statue, then to murder Tilly Masterson and finally against Bond inside Fort Knox.
Gadgets - GF - Laser Industrial laser - Used by Goldfinger trying to kill Bond. Powerful enough to put a laser dot on the moon, but at very close range able to cut through steel. This laser was later used to cut open the vault of Fort Knox. This film showcases the very first of its kind, as this weapon takes on various forms throughout the James Bond series.
Gadgets - GF - Gas Delta 9 nerve gas - Fictional invisible nerve gas. Causes immediate death (at one point claimed, apparently as a lie, to cause "complete unconsciousness for 24 hours"), but disperses harmlessly after 15 minutes. Goldfinger plans to kill Fort Knox's defenders using the gas.
Gadgets - GF - Nuke Atomic bomb - Used to contaminate the Fort Knox gold supply utilizing optimum lethal radiation, but with as least amount of explosive force.
  • Reference is made to Bond having an attaché case that is damaged (presumed destroyed) when examined by Goldfinger's personnel. This may be a reference to the agent briefcase introduced in From Russia with Love, or it could have been another piece of luggage that had been rigged to self-destruct when tampered with.


Gadgets - TB - Jetpack 2 Bell Rocket Belt - The Rocket Belt is a low-power rocket propulsion device that allows an individual to safely travel or leap over small distances. After assassinating Colonel Jacques Bouvar, Bond uses the jet pack to make a quick escape to the nearby DB5.
Gadgets - TB - Remote Largo's remote control - A remote control device disguised as a cigarette case. The device allows access to SPECTRE's Paris conference room, concealed in the 'Centre international d'assistance aux personnes déplacées' ('The International Brotherhood for the Assistance of Stateless Persons').
Gadgets - TB - Chair Electric chair - With the flick of a switch on Blofeld's console, any seat can become electrified, killing its occupant. The seat then drops down into the floor, disposing of the dead body. Blofeld uses this equipment to execute No. 9, who he believes is guilty of embezzlement.
Gadgets - TB - Watch Geiger counter wristwatch - A modified Breitling Top Time wristwatch containing a sensitive built-in Geiger counter for measuring radioactivity. Radiation levels are displayed via the watch's sweep (or second) hand. The device is also waterproof. Bond briefly uses it during his visit to Largo's villa at Palmyra.
Gadgets - TB - Camera Underwater camera - An underwater camera which can take eight rapid pictures in the dark using an infrared film. It also contains a built-in Geiger counter which displays radiation levels via an audible clicking noise emitted by the camera.
Gadgets - TB - Very Pistol Miniature flare gun - A miniature flare gun or Very (sometimes spelled Verey) pistol, which fires a bright red flare, a distress signal. Following the signal emitted by the Radioactive Homing Pill, Felix Leiter gets a visual fix on Bond when he fires the flare.
Gadgets - TB - Rebreather Miniature rebreather - A miniature rebreather which can provide an emergency air supply for approximately four minutes. The device is carried in a convenient pocket-sized cylinder when not in use. Bond uses the device to escape from Largo's shark pool and during the underwater finale.
Gadgets - TB - Homing Pill Radioactive homing pill - Designed to be ingested, the pill is a harmless radioactive device which sends out a homing signal to a special receiver. Felix Leiter follows the signal emitted by the pill after 007 becomes trapped in Largo's underwater storage cave.
Gadgets - TB - Tank Underwater propulsion unit - The underwater propulsion unit is a tank-mounted diver propulsion system, which is designed to propel the user through the water with ease. At the front of the unit is a high-intensity searchlight. It is armed with two side-mounted projectile launchers operated by valves on the sides of the tank. It also has stowage space for equipment such as grenades. The equipment is used extensively during the final battle with Largo's frogmen.
Gadgets - TB - Book Tape-recorder book - A small reel-to-reel tape recorder hidden in a hollowed-out copy of the Nassau Directory. The device uses a sensitive microphone to record surrounding noise. Bond uses it to trace the footsteps of an intruder in his hotel suite.

You Only Live Twice

Gadgets - YOLT - Breather Underwater breathing gear - To enable Bond to fake his own death, he was equipped with inconspicuous breathing gear and thrown overboard.
Gadgets - YOLT - Safe Cracker Safecracker - A small device that can easily be carried in a jacket pocket and works by attaching it to a safe the operator wants to open. With it properly positioned, the user needs only to turn the combination dial and the device would light up a series of lights as each correct number on the combination dial is found until the entire series is revealed to open the safe. However, Bond finds out the hard way that gadget is not designed to defeat a safe's other security functions, such as alarms.
Gadgets - YOLT - Lipstick

Lipstick gas grenade - A gas grenade disguised as a makeup applicator. While flying Bond in a light aircraft Helga Brandt catches the spy off guard by dropping the device, locking him in his seat and parachuting to safety. Within seconds the cabin is filled with a disorienting gas, leaving 007 fighting for his life in a pilot-less plane.

Gadgets - YOLT - Piranha pool

Piranha pool - Blofeld's trap door that he uses to dispose of failures to his organization and unwelcome guests. Operated by a foot pedal concealed behind Blofeld's desk, part of the foot-bridge over the piranha-infested pool collapses, sending the unsuspecting victim to their death.

Gadgets - YOLT - Rocket Bullets Explosive bullets - Tiger's specially trained ninjas, as well as Tiger himself are armed with Gyrojet pistols that use rocket-propelled explosive bullets in lieu of standard ammunition.
Gadgets - YOLT - Staff

Bo with retractable spear - Used by a SPECTRE assassin who infiltrated Tanaka's Samurai training school in an attempt to assassinate Bond.

Gadgets - YOLT - Cigarette Shooting cigarette - Tiger gives Bond a cigarette capable of shooting a jet powered projectile accurately up to 30 yards. Used in Blofeld's volcano to kill a technician standing by the entrance controls to enable his allies to storm the base.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Gadgets - OHMSS - Radioactive Lint Radioactive lint - In the beginning of the movie, Q is showing M a homing device made out of regular lint. "Placed in an opponent's pocket, the location fix and anti-personnel uses should be obvious." M is more concerned with locating Bond, who is nowhere to be found.
Gadgets - OHMSS - Safe Cracker Safecracker - A small (for its time) device that consists of a flexible cable ending in a grapple that is meant to be fitted on a typical safe combination lock. The machine would then examine the lock, figure out its combination and open the safe. In addition, the device has a photocopier function that could allow for easy copying of secret documents to minimize the chance of the owner learning of the break in by missing documents. Unlike the safecracker used in You Only Live Twice, this device was quite slow, taking close to an hour to open the safe (in the film, Bond uses the device while the safe's owner is on a lunch break and barely completes the job before the man returns).
Gadgets - OHMSS - Camera Camera - Bond uses a small camera to take snap shots of a map that shows where the "Angels Of Death" are to release a biological agent.
Gadgets - OHMSS - Blofeld's Gifts Blofeld's gifts - Blofeld's gifts to the Piz Gloria girls; in reality they are transmitting devices which would enable the spread of his biological weapon.
  • After Bond resigns from MI6, we see him cleaning out his desk, and gadgets from past films are shown, including the rebreather from Thunderball and Red Grant's garotte watch from From Russia with Love.

Diamonds Are Forever

Gadgets - DAF - Mousetrap Pocket snap trap - A small gadget hidden in a pocket to give a person performing an unwanted search on the wielder a painful surprise that would provide a critical distraction for the wielder to exploit for an attack.
Gadgets - DAF - Fingerprints Fake fingerprint - Bond uses a fake fingerprint that clings to his thumb to trick Tiffany Case into believing he is Peter Franks.
Gadgets - DAF - Voice Changer Voice algorithm recorder - Used primarily by Blofeld to disguise his voice as that of Willard Whyte.
Gadgets - DAF - Piton Gun Grappling suspenders & piton pistol - When Bond rides ontop of the elevator to the suite of Willard Whyte, he uses for the last leg of this trip the rappelling cord built into the suspenders (A similar gadget is the belt used in GoldenEye).
Gadgets - DAF - La Bombe Surprise La Bombe Surprise - "Cake" with an "explosive filling", actually a domed shell covered in cake icing covering a small explosive device with a timer. Used by Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, and unsuccessfully deployed against Bond. The bomb ended up being tied to Mr. Wint's rear end and tossed overboard, with explosive results.
Gadgets - DAF - Ring Slot machine ring - Q created a ring that, when used, ensures a jackpot at the slot machines every time.

Live and Let Die

Gadgets - LALD - Watch Magnetic/buzzsaw wristwatch - A highly modified Rolex Submariner given to Bond by M. When turned on, it could snag any lightweight metallic item. In theory, Bond claims it can even deflect a bullet. It also has a circular saw built into its face. Notably, it fails to save Bond as he attempts to escape from the alligator farm; a rare occurrence.
Gadgets - LALD - Bug Detector Bug detector - Bond uses a handheld device that can sweep a room for electronic microphones. It can also be used to transmit messages in morse code.
Gadgets - LALD - CO2 Pistol CO2 pistol - Fires special pellets that expel highly-pressurized air to make the target explode. Designed for combating sharks, but Bond is able to activate a pellet manually before forcing Kananga to swallow it.
Gadgets - LALD - CO2 Bullet CO2 bullet - Contains highly-pressurized, compressed CO2.
Gadgets - LALD - Lighter Cigarette lighter radio - Radio transmitter/receiver disguised as a car cigarette lighter installed in a CIA vehicle, which Bond uses to contact his friend, Felix Leiter.
Gadgets - LALD - Mirror Sideview mirror dart gun - Installed in one of Kananga's sedans, this gun is used to kill Bond's driver upon his arrival in New York City.
Gadgets - LALD - Brush Brush transmitter - A radio hidden inside a clothing brush with a key, allowing it to transmit messages in morse code.
Gadgets - LALD - Flute Flute transmitter - A radio transmitter disguised as a flute. This device allows henchman Baron Samedi to recede into the background and spy on intruders to Mr. Big's island. It functions in a similar way to the broom transmitter that Q uses in Licence to Kill.
Gadgets - LALD - Spray Flamethrower Spray Can - In Bond's hotel room at San Monique, a snake appears. Bond quickly uses his Aftershave can with his cigar as a makeshift blowtorch to kill the snake. This is unusual as it was not a Q branch gadget.
Gadgets - LALD - Espresso Espresso machine - As M debriefs Bond at his home the spy offers him an espresso. M, expecting it to be another field gadget, discovers it to be nothing more than a regular coffee maker thus triggering his surprised exclamation: "Is that all it does?!"

The Man with the Golden Gun

Gadgets - TMWTGG - Golden Gun Golden Gun - Scaramanga's titular weapon of choice. The gun can be assembled and disassembled into a gold cigarette lighter, a gold cigarette case, a gold cuff link, and a gold pen to evade security. The bullet is concealed on his belt's golden buckle.
Gadgets - TMWTGG - Golden Bullet Golden bullet - A custom-made 4.2-millimeter golden (23-carat gold with traces of nickel) dum-dum bullet specially made for Scaramanga's pistol. Manufactured by Lazar and smuggled to the assassin in a pack of cigarettes.
Gadgets - TMWTGG - Solex Solex Agitator - Designed by the scientist Gibson as a means of harnessing the sun's power, the Solex Agitator was stolen by Francisco Scaramanga.
Gadgets - TMWTGG - Nipple Prosthetic nipple - Bond confesses that it's "a bit kinky", but he gets Q to create a false third nipple so that Bond can impersonate Scaramanga, who has the same physical anomaly.

The Spy Who Loved Me

Gadgets - TSWLM - Watch Teletype wristwatch - A modified Seiko 0674 wristwatch. Basically working like a pager, it had a built-in telex that allowed MI6 to send important messages to Bond, printing them out like a miniature teletype. (It actually looked more like a labelmaker tape.)
Gadgets - TSWLM - Ski Pole Ski pole rifle - A specially designed ski pole which is modified to fire .30 caliber rounds from a four shot clip in the handle. Twisting the top of the pole to reveals the trigger. Bond uses the weapon to shoot one of his Soviet pursuers, Sergei Barsov, in the pre-title sequence.
Gadgets - TSWLM - Reader Micro-film reader - Assembled from two components:
  • A cigarette case
  • A cigarette lighter
Gadgets - TSWLM - Cigarette XXX's cigarettes - A Soviet-designed gadget used by Anya Amasova, the cigarette could unleash a plume of sleeping gas into the face of an unsuspecting victim. It is basically a hollowed out cigarette filled with a powdered incapacitating agent. Amasova uses it to steal an important microfilm from Bond.
Gadgets - TSWLM - Tray Guillotine tea tray - A razor-sharp tea tray shown to be in testing by Q-Branch. Placed on the table, the tray is projected forward at a high velocity, decapitating a mannequin. It is not used in the field.
Gadgets - TSWLM - Jetski Wet bike - Personal watercraft. This was one of the first water bikes which are known today as Jet Skis.
Gadgets - TSWLM - Table Gun Table gun - Concealed underneath Stromberg's dining table is a pistol with a long perspex tube. When fired the tube guides an explosive projectile towards the unsuspecting diner at the opposite end of the table. It seems to be built on a flare pistol, possibly a WWII German one.


Gadgets - MR - Dart Gun Wrist-mounted dart gun - Worn like a wrist-watch, the weapon is activated by nerve impulses from the user's wrist. It can fire both armor-piercing and cyanide-coated darts; the former Bond uses to escape from a centrifuge and the latter to kill Hugo Drax.
Gadgets - MR - Safe Cracker Safe-cracking device - A safe-cracking device that is concealed within a normal looking cigarette case. It uses X-Ray technology to see the inner workings of the safe's locking mechanism. Bond uses it to break into the safe in Drax's office.
Gadgets - MR - Camera Camera - A miniature camera imprinted with Bond's 00 number (with the lens of the camera making up the middle 0 of the number). Bond uses it to take pictures of the plans inside Drax’s safe.
Gadgets - MR - Bolas Exploding bolas - Seen in testing at the MI6 monastery. Designed to entrap an object, such as a human, and explode when the bola balls hit each other.
Gadgets - MR - Sleeping Man Sleeping man - An experimental weapon being developed by Q Branch. A machine gun turret disguised as a sleeping man. When activated the two halves of the man's "body" snap apart to reveal a turret inside.
Gadgets - MR - Laser Laser Rifle - A laser rifle that can be used in space. A version of this gun is shown being tested to somewhat gruesome effect on a wax dummy during Bond's visit to the MI6 monastery. The rifle is also used in the GoldenEye video games and 007 Legends.
Gadgets - MR - Needle Poison pen - CIA Agent Holly Goodhead carries a number of gadgets of her own, including a pen with a retractable poison needle. Activated by clicking the top of the pen.
Gadgets - MR - Daily Diary Diary - A one-shot miniature dart gun concealed in the spine of a seemingly normal diary. Activated by pressure on the book's spine. One of the four CIA gadgets belonging to Dr. Holly Goodhead.
Gadgets - MR - Perfume Perfume - A bottle of Christian Dior perfume which doubles as a miniature flame thrower. This was one of Holly Goodhead's CIA gadgets and, incidentally, a product placement for Christian Dior perfume.
Gadgets - MR - Handbag Purse transmitter - A radio transmitter disguised as a purse. The device's antenna is retractable and extends from the purse when in use. Standard CIA field equipment belonging to Dr. Goodhead.
Gadgets - MR - Watch Explosive wristwatch - A modified Seiko caliber M354-5019 wristwatch. It contains a small circular reel of explosive inside a rear compartment. Once placed, the explosives and fuse are linked to the watch by a small length of wire. The wristwatch itself acts as the detonator. Bond uses it to escape from the flame pit of Moonraker 5.

For Your Eyes Only

Gadgets - FYEO - ATAC ATAC (Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator) - The ATAC was lost when the British spy ship St. Georges was sunk. Later recovered by Bond, who at the end destroys it to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.
Gadgets - FYEO - Cast Plaster cast - An experimental weapon being developed by Q Branch. Demonstrated by Q's lab assistant, Smithers, the plaster cast swings around with great force and crushes anything in its path.
Gadgets - FYEO - Umbrella Claw umbrella - An experimental weapon being developed by Q Branch. On contact with water, the umbrella clamps down on its user with steel claws.
Gadgets - FYEO - Identigraph Identigraph machine - An early computer-like device to assemble a phantom photo of a person by selecting characteristics from a variety of lists including hair color, hair style, nose form, style of eyeglasses etc. Located in MI6 headquarters and used by Bond and Q to put together an image of Locque.
Gadgets - FYEO - Watch Communication wristwatch - A modified Seiko Duo-Time H357 wristwatch. Receives digital message read-outs on the small LCD display above the analogue watch-face. It also contains a 2-way radio/transmitter for voice communications.


Gadgets - OP - Case Attaché briefcase - Contains a false bottom which conceals a high explosive bomb. In the pre-credits sequence Bond attaches the magnetic package to a Cuban radar system, but is captured before getting the chance to detonate it.
Gadgets - OP - Watch Tracker wristwatch - A modified Seiko Sports 100 G757 wristwatch. Contains a universal radio direction finder which works in conjunction with a homing device planted in the false Fabergé egg.
Gadgets - OP - Pen Mont Blanc fountain pen - An 18 carat gold fountain pen which contains a mixture of Nitric and Hydrochloric acids for dissolving metals. This feature Bond uses to escape from his cell in Kamal Khan’s palace. The top contains an earpiece that works in conjunction with a bug planted in the false Fabergé egg.
Gadgets - OP - TV Watch TV wristwatch - A modified Liquid Crystal TV Seiko T001-5019 wristwatch. Receives moving images over the air and displays them on the watch's color LCD panel. Bond uses the watch to admire one of Q’s female assistants and later uses it to pursue Kamal Khan.
Gadgets - OP - Crocodile Crocodile submersible - A submersible vehicle disguised as a crocodile. Bond uses the craft to approach and leave Octopussy’s floating palace undetected.
Gadgets - OP - Yo-Yo Saw Yo-yo saw - A rotating buzzsaw blade attached to a string so that it could be used in the same manner as a conventional yo-yo. Used by an assassin to kill MI6 agent Vijay, and later by the same assassin against Bond and Octopussy.
Gadgets - OP - Nuke Mini-nuke - A bomb fitted into the base of a circus cannon. Intended to blow the circus show, as well as an entire city in West Germany off the map with the intention of removing all US installations in Europe leaving it vulnerable to a Russian invasion.

A View To A Kill

Gadgets - AVTAK - Chip
Zorin microchip - Impervious to electromagnetic pulse (EMP) created from outer space.
Gadgets - AVTAK - Glasses Polarizing sunglasses - Allows the ability of seeing clearly through tinted glass. Bond uses them to see through Zorin's tinted office window, where he spots Zorin giving Stacey Sutton a cheque.
Gadgets - AVTAK - Ring Camera ring - Contains a miniature camera. Bond uses the device at a Zorin's party to covertly take photographs of each of his guests.
Gadgets - AVTAK - Copier Billfold/checkbook - Uses ultra-violet light to read previously written material by picking up the indentations of pen marks on paper. After Bond gains entry to Zorin's office he uses the device to get an imprint of Zorin's previous cheques.
Gadgets - AVTAK - Electric Shaver Electric shaver detector - Contains an electronic eavesdropping detector. One they arrive at Zorin's château, Tibbett uses this bug detector to scour the room. Eventually he finds a bug hidden within the lamp on the bedside table.
Gadgets - AVTAK - Card Credit card lock-pick - Has an electronic ability to open locks. Bond uses this lock pick to gain entry to Stacey Sutton's house. Bond slides the card up to the lock on the window and after a couple of seconds the window is unlocked.
Gadgets - AVTAK - Snooper Snooper - This remotely controlled robot uses video cameras and microphones to survey locations that are inaccessible to humans, or to operate stealth surveillance missions. Snooper is only used at the end of the film where Q explores Stacey Suttons house looking for Bond and it eventually him and Stacey showering together which shocked and horrified Q and When Bond notices it, he quickly tosses a towel over it.

The Living Daylights

Gadgets - LD - Goggles Night vision goggles - Saunders uses a pair of night vision goggles during the supposed defection of General Georgi Koskov. Using them he spots Koskov leaving the Opera House and identifies Kara Milovy - the girl with the cello - as the sniper supposedly sent to kill him.
Gadgets - LD - Milk Bottle Grenades Milk bottle grenades - Posing as a milkman, Necros carries with him a crate full of explosive milk bottles. He causes a series of large explosions, informing security that they are the result of a gas leak to keep them distracted and away from the house.
Gadgets - LD - Ghetto Blaster Ghetto blaster - A weapon under development by Q-Branch for the Americans. It is seen being tested in the Q-Branch labs and is never used by Bond. The ghetto blaster is an '80s–style rocket-firing, stereophonic, cassette tapedeck.
Gadgets - LD - Sofa Revolving sofa - Q is also testing a sofa that swallows whoever sits on it.
Gadgets - LD - Keyring Keychain - Contains some clever audio-actuated modifications. Whistling the first bar of "Rule Britannia" causes it to spray stun gas. It also contains an explosive charge which is activated by Bond's personalised signal - a wolf whistle. It also comes with skeleton keys attached which Q claims can "open 90% of the world's locks".
Gadgets - LD - Binoculars Miniature binoculars - A pair of miniature binoculars contained on normal looking eye-glass frames. When Bond is in Tangiers, he follows Koskov’s car after a conference and uses the glasses to spy on him from a distance.
Gadgets - LD - Alarm watch Silent alarm watch - A watch designed to alert the user's bodyguard by an audible beeping emitted by his counterpart watch. It is triggered by pressing the crown (or winding switch). A pulsing red light on the watch indicates the alarm has been activated. Pushkin uses such a watch after being cornered by 007 in his hotel suite.

Licence to Kill

Gadgets - LTK - Lighter

Lighter - A gift from Felix Leiter and Della on the occasion of their wedding. It is an inscribed cigarette lighter that generates a huge burst of flame. Bond shows Sanchez the lighter to explain why he set about destroying his criminal empire, before setting the gasoline-drenched drug lord alight.

Gadgets - LTK - Camera Laser polaroid camera - When the flash is used on this camera, it shoots a laser. The pictures it takes are X-rayed.
Gadgets - LTK - Alarm Clock Exploding alarm clock - Q carries it with him to Isthmus, but it is not used. Guaranteed never to wake up anyone who uses it.
Gadgets - LTK - Toothpaste Dentonite toothpaste - Plastic explosives disguised as ordinary toothpaste. The receiver that picks up the signal from Bond to blow the explosives is disguised as a packet of cigarettes.
Gadgets - LTK - Cigarette Packet Cigarette packet - Contains a concealed receiver which works in tadem with the 'dentonite' plastique.
Gadgets - LTK - Signature Gun Signature rifle - A camera that when put together became a sniper rifle that only worked for Bond, due to a scanner built into the grip.
Gadgets - LTK - Rake Rake radio transmitter - A two-way radio disguised in the handle of a rake.


Gadgets - GE - Piton Gun Piton gun - Fires grappling hook (piton) and has a laser cutting attachment.
Gadgets - GE - Mine Limpet mine - A high explosive, remotely detonated mine. Bond's Omega Seamaster wristwatch acts as the detonator.
Gadgets - GE - Camera Digital binoculars - Auto focus/zoom, digital camera, satellite uplink to send visual data.
Gadgets - GE - Cast Wheelchair missile launcher - Tested by Q Branch, this gadget was made to look like someone had broken their leg, when in fact, the leg hid a missile, which could be fired from the seated position.
Gadgets - GE - Phonebooth Phone booth trap - Q Branch is testing a BT telephone box with a large airbag inside which expands, crushing anyone inside against the wall of the box.
Gadgets - GE - X-Ray Tray X-Ray document scanner - Q has a document scanner disguised as a tea-tray.
Gadgets - GE - Watch Cutter/detonator wristwatch - A modifed Omega Seamaster wristwatch with a built-in laser cutter and remote detonator.
Gadgets - GE - Leather Belt Grappling belt - A size 34 leather belt. It conceals a piton hidden behind the buckle. It can fire out up to 75 feet of high tensile wire designed to support the weight of an average person.
Gadgets - GE - Pen Ballpoint pen grenade - Contains a class four grenade. A 4-second fuse is armed after three clicks in succession. Another three clicks disarms it. Used by Bond to escape his captors after Boris nervously clicks it.
GoldenEye Satellite - A old Cold War Soviet weapon containing extremely powerful Electro Magnetic tenchnology. Two of them were stolen by the Janus group. The first took out a group of Soviet F-16s and the Severnaya facility. The second was destroyed during re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere causing it to disintegrate and explode.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Gadgets - TND - GPS Encoder GPS encoder - Acquired by Elliott Carver in order to send the HMS Devonshire off course into Chinese territorial waters.
Gadgets - TND - Lighter Grenade Cigarette lighter grenade - A disguised timed explosive/grenade.
Gadgets - TND - Phone Ericsson mobile Phone - The device flips open to reveal a touchpad and LCD display for driving the BMW 750iL by remote. It also has a fingerprint scanner, 20,000 volt taser, key replicator, and controls for operating the car's defence system. Much of the look of this phone including the "flip-open" design was eventually incorporated into Ericsson's R380.
Gadgets - TND - Bracelet Grappling bracelet - The bracelet fires a piton - or grappling hook - for scaling vertical surfaces, similar to Bond's wristwatch in The World Is Not Enough. It was developed by the Chinese People's External Security Force, the Chinese equivalent of MI6.
Gadgets - TND - Dragon Dragon flamethrower - Bond commented on the fact that this device was "very novel." Although this appears to be a sculpture of a dragon, pulling back one of the ears emits a high yield flamethrower, which makes the sculpture look like a fire-breathing dragon.
Restraint fan - Weapon developed by Wai Lin's counterpart division to Q Branch. Appears to be a Chinese fan, but when opened, various string-like restraints are emitted, possibly with the design of restraining an opponent.
Gadgets - TND - Rickshaw Rickshaw defense mechanism - This was used to subdue an enemy that was though to be unconscious. A button is pressed, and an upper part of a bike-based rickshaw, which appears to be parked, ejects, knocking out the target.
Gadgets - TND - Omega Watch Explosive wristwatch - A modified Omega Seamaster wristwatch taken by Bond from the Chinese safehouse. The watch had a small, detachable charge that could be detonated by turning the watch's dial. It was later used to remotely destroy a glass jar that had a grenade lodged inside.
Gadgets - TND - P99 Walther P99 - A gun Bond has from the beginning of "Tomorrow Never Dies". It replaced Bond's Walther PPK. Bond used the P99 from Tomorrow Never Dies to Casino Royale.

The World is Not Enough

Gadgets - TWINE - Glasses Detonator Detonator spectacles - Remotely detonates an explosive "flash-bang" charge concealed in Bond's firearm.
Gadgets - TWINE - Money Money bomb - In effect, a highly compacted fertilizer bomb. The money was dipped in urea, dried, and packed tight. In one note the metal anti-counterfeiting strip had been replaced with a combustible magnesium circuit; in effect a tiny detonator. The bomb was triggered by the proximity of a transmitter concealed in a replica of Sir Robert King's lapel pin.
Gadgets - TWINE - Bagpipes Bagpipe weapon - Contains a flamethrower and a machine gun (was only in testing).
Gadgets - TWINE - X-Ray Glasses X-ray shades - Enables X-ray vision for checking for concealed weapons.
Gadgets - TWINE - Jacket Ball Ski jacket - Conceals an escape pod which inflates into a sealed sphere made of aluminum-coated plastic and Kevlar reinforcement. This feature appears to be based on the Zorb.
Gadgets - TWINE - Credit Card Multifunction lock-pick - Concealed in a normal looking credit card with a removable strip that activates a spring-loaded multifunction lock pick.
Gadgets - TWINE - Omega Watch Grappling/torch wristwatch - A modified Omega Seamaster wristwatch. Contains: 1) Grappling hook with fifty feet of high-tensile micro-filament, able to support 800 pounds of weight. 2) A high intensity lighted bezel.
Gadgets - TWINE - Garotte Garrotte chair - A torture contraption owned by Elektra King. The victim is secured by leg, arm and neck braces; as the user turns the handle at the back of the chair the victim is slowly strangled. Bond is tortured in such a device before being rescued by Valentin Zukovsky.

This film marks the only one occasion in the Bond film series (as of 2005) where Bond has expressed concern as to what Q will think when equipment is destroyed. This happens when Bond's BMW Z8 is sawed in half. In a twist of unforeseeable irony, this happens after Desmond Llewelyn makes his final screen appearance as Q. Llewelyn was killed in a car accident shortly after the film premiered.

Die Another Day

Gadgets - DAD - Surfboard Surfboard - Contains a sliding panel with a hidden compartment containing communications equipment, explosives, detonators and a Walther P99 firearm.
Gadgets - DAD - Knife Transmitter knife - A knife with an integrated antenna and transmitter. Used in the pre-credits sequence.
Gadgets - DAD - Phone Cell phone - Used by Zao to identify James Bond. It is a product placement of the Sony Ericsson P800.
Gadgets - DAD - VR Glasses Virtual combat training simulator - This device allows the user to enter a virtual environment with the assistance of four computerized columns, a special pair of sunglasses, and a special weapon, this training simulator is tested by 007. One such program contains a scenario in which MI6 Headquarters is attacked and the user must eliminate all threats as they see fit. Moneypenny used these glasses to simulate her and James having sex in the office; however she was interrupted by Q.
Gadgets - DAD - Watch (Laser) Cutter/detonator wristwatch - Contains an explosive detonator and laser beam cutter. The new Q states that this watch is Bond's 20th: a reference to the fact that Die Another Day is the 20th James Bond film.
Gadgets - DAD - Ring Glass-shattering ring - A "standard issue" ring for the finger which is actually a "ultra high-frequency single digit sonic agitator unit". It is activated by a clockwise twist and can shatter bullet-proof glass upon contact.
Gadgets - DAD - Dream Dream machine - This mask allows the otherwise sleepless Graves and Zao enjoy some of the benefits of natural sleep.
Gadgets - DAD - Rebreather Miniature rebreather - Similar device as used in Thunderball, which provides a few minutes of oxygen.

Because this film marks the 40th Anniversary of James Bond films in addition to the film being the 20th in the franchise, there are multiple references to each previous official film. Some examples include:

Casino Royale

Gadgets - CR - Explosive Keyring Explosive keychain - A keychain which contains a small explosive charge. Triggered by a remote detonator.
Gadgets - CR - Detonator Phone Phone detonator - The mobile phone which acts as the detonator for Carlos' explosive keychain.
Gadgets - CR - Scanner Portable implant equipment - A suitcase equipped with a portable scanner and a gun-like device for implanting a homing beacon under the skin. After the beacon is implanted, the scanner confirms that it is functional. The beacon continuously monitors the user's location and vitals.
Gadgets - CR - Bug 2 Bug and earpiece - Bond plants a bug in Le Chifré's benzedrine inhaler in order to eavesdrop on his conversations.
Gadgets - CR - Medical Equipment Field medical kit - Stowed away under the passenger-side dashboard of the Aston Martin DBS, the medical kit comes complete with defibrillator pads and other life-saving equipment.

Quantum of Solace

Gadgets - QOS - Phone Cell phone - A modified Sony Ericsson C902 cell phone. It has a built in identification imager, capable of compiling a composite facial image of a potential suspect even when the person being photographed is looking to the side. This phone can also receive information immediately regarding the suspect as it is also tied into the MI6 data mainframe.
Gadgets - FRWL - Quantum Earpiece Quantum earpiece - A small receiver/transmitter earpiece which was used by members of the Quantum organisation to hold meetings during public events.


Gadgets - SF - Gun Walther PPK/S - A modified Walther PPK/S 9mm short with a palm-scanner built into the grip. As with the Signature Gun featured in Licence to Kill, Bond is the only one who can use the pistol on account of it being coded to his palm prints.
Gadgets - SF - Radio Radio transmitter - A locator device which, when activated, emits a signal that can be traced by MI6.
Gadgets - SF - Radio Detonator Radio detonator - A radio detonator disguised as a police radio. In a twist of irony Silva uses another radio-equipped device to out-maneuver Bond; detonating explosives placed on the London Underground line.


They are no gadgets besides the explosion Omega Watch.