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Live and Let Die was a radio drama adaptation of Ian Fleming's 1954 novel that first aired on May 4 2019 on the BBC's main spoken-word channel, Radio 4.[1] It is the eighth of nine new James Bond radio plays produced by the station and starred Toby Stephens as the titular character for the eighth time.


Bond tracks down monstrous Mr Big in Harlem. Big is importing priceless gold coins to finance Russian spy operations and captures Bond. Beautiful, mysterious Solitaire is also a prisoner. Bond escapes. Solitaire follows. They pursue the source of the gold, first to Florida where Solitaire is captured by Mr Big's minions. 007 continues on to Jamaica. But can he survive the barracudas? Will he rescue Solitaire, recover the treasure and bring Mr Big to justice? Well, there’s a fair chance. He is James Bond!



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