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Lois Cleveland Chiles (born April 15, 1947)[1] is an American actress and former fashion model known for her role as Dr. Holly Goodhead in the 1979 James Bond film Moonraker, as well as such films as The Great Gatsby, wikipedia:The Way We Were, Death on the Nile and Broadcast News.

Bond involvement

In 1979, Chiles appeared in what is perhaps her most famous role, that of NASA astronaut, scientist and Bond girl Dr. Holly Goodhead opposite Roger Moore's James Bond in Moonraker. Chiles had initially been approached to star in the previous Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, but she declined the role as she was taking a break from acting at the time.[1] Initially planned for inclusion in the 2012 video-game 007 Legends, Chiles' likeness was used for Holly Goodhead in character renders, the August 2012 E3 demo, and pre-launch promotional trailers. However, for undisclosed reasons, her likeness was eventually replaced with that of Jane Perry in the final product. [2] Unlike some "Bond girls", Chiles has said that "being a Bond-girl is a fun way to be remembered" although she jokes that being asked to sigh "Oh, James" is annoying as "you can't live up to people's fantasies".[3]

In addition to her official appearances, in 1997 she made a cameo appearance, as the wife of a henchman killed by a steamroller, in the international release of the Bond spoof Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, though her scene was cut in the United States release.



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