Longitude 78 West is a script that was written by Ian Fleming, Kevin McClory and Jack Whittingham circa 1958 as a proposed James Bond movie. It was originally planned to be produced by Xanadu Productions, a company set up by Fleming, McClory, Whittingham, and Ernest Cuneo; however the production folded due to funding issues and producers Cuneo and Ivar Bryce backed out.[1][2] Though unproduced, the story from the script would be reused by Fleming as his book Thunderball, which would in turn inspire two James Bond films - 1965's Thunderball and 1983's Never Say Never Again. The screenplay is also notable for - according to some sources - introducing Bond to the crime organisation SPECTRE, which would go on to feature prominently in both the novel series, and later the film series.

In 2013, a copy of the script was sold at auction for €11,383.[3]

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