Lotus is a fictional intelligence operative employed by MI6. She appeared in Electronic Arts' 2004 James Bond video-game Everything or Nothing, as a playable character during its co-operative multiplayer missions. In addition, the character also was playable in the unlockable single-player mission 'gallery'.

Game biography

One potential member of a two-man team, Lotus is a field agent employed by the British secret service, MI6. Interestingly, although the agents have clearance to kill in order to complete their mission, it is explicitly noted that they are not 00 agents. The pair are equipped with the Service's standard-issue firearm, the Walther P99, along with a rappel gun for scaling obstacles. Due to the difficulty of their final mission, the pair are provided with Q Branch equipment normally reserved for the 00 Section (such as the Q-Spider reconnaissance device, thermovision and coin grenades).

They are first dispatched to an isolated area of Tunisia near the Gulf of Gabes to investigate the activities of an individual know only as M. Sappho. The pair infiltrate Sappho's secret palace through a hidden entrance and diffuse explosives intended to destroy all evidence of his operations. After uncovering evidence of nanotechnology machinery, the pair are confronted by Sappho, operating a missile turret. He is killed and the agents egress. M next sends the pair to an island in the Andaman Sea, where she believes Dr. Lazarus Beam, an expert in the field of nano-lasers, is operating a secret research facility. They discover it hidden underneath the island's dilapidated mining structures and find crates bound for a South American site MI6 is coincidentally investigating. The agents overload the facility's generators to prevent the laser technology from falling into the wrong hands and flee through a sinkhole leading to the sea.

After returning to London, the pair are sent on their final mission to demolish a nanotech center in Egypt by way of explosive charges. The mission is to help James Bond infiltrate the nanotech center and plant explosive charges within the facility. After the agents plant the explosive charges they met with Bond in the elevator who told them to find the way out.


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