Ludovic de Baleine is a fictional French aristocrat who styled himself as Dauphin Baleine, an heir to the throne in France and future ruler of Europe. The character was one of several primary antagonists created for the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage and first appeared during its Slow Down Faster story-line.

Game biography

"You cannot defeat me. I have royal blood in my veins."
― Ludovic de Baleine.[src]

After defeating Korean warlord Whar Zin, James Bond recovers a brass key in his prion laboratory which matches a safety deposit box in Switzerland. 007 travels to the Alps in search of a matching key, which he discovers in the possession of Anaelle Brouchard, a 'ward' of the mysterious Ludovic de Baleine. Inside the strongbox are a set of plans which outline Baleine's scheme to completely destroy the European Union's currency. Baleine, who believes himself to be a Dauphin of France, plans to seize control of the EU in its wake. Discovering Bond's interference, the Dauphin dispatches assassins led by his tall and immensely strong henchman, Dragomir. After evading the assassin and enlisting Anaelle's help, 007 and his French smuggler contact Justine Dubois infiltrate Baleine's fortress by helicopter, while Anaelle attempts to distract the Dauphin. Bond succeeds at destroying his base of operations and foils his scheme to topple the EU.

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