Luke Quantrill was a character in the 1971 James Bond Comic Double Jeapordy.

Comic Biography


Quantrill was an engineer for an American company that was designing a fighter plane, the plans for which, he gave to representatives of the Soviet Union, and he was subsequently fired and hired by a radio controlled toy airplane company in France.

While working there, he was contacted by SPECTRE, who asked him to return to England, where he was to use his engineering experience to construct a weapon to kill their enemies with great fireballs. he executed this by dousing balloons with phosphorescent paint and tying it to a black radio controlled plane with explosives in it. While in a cafe, Quantrill spotted an old enemy whom he decided to use the weapon on, after reading about a hippie cult that swore to destroy their enemies with great "Astral Firebolts". Quantrill used the weapon a few more times before going to his brother who had married his former lover's house and attempted to use the weapon to kill his brother to regain her affections. He was stopped in this endeavour by James Bond, who planted the homing device that the airplanes attached to the balloons full of explosives sought out, and he was destroyed by his own weapon.

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