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M most often refers to:

  • "M", the code-name of the Head of the British Secret Service (SIS/MI6).


Literary characters

  • Admiral Sir Miles Messervy, the recurring Head of SIS created by Ian Fleming for Casino Royale (1953) onwards.
  • M, a meta-reference version of Fleming's character from John Pearson's biographical novel (1973).
  • Barbara Mawdsley, a recurring successor to Sir Miles in Raymond Benson's literary continuity.
  • M (Carte Blanche), a reimagining of the character for Jeffery Deaver's novel, Carte Blanche (2011).
  • M (Dynamite), a reimagining of the SIS Head for Dynamite Entertainment's comic series.

Cinematic characters

Misc. characters

  • M, a code-name in the crossover comic books The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (1999-2019).
  • M (John Standing), a portrayal of Fleming's character in Jarvis and Ayres' 007 radio dramatisations.


See also

  • "MM", the symbol of the Millenaria secret society in the Young Bond novel, Blood Fever (2006).
  • Mansfield Smith-Cumming, the 1st head of the real-life SIS and an inspiration for Fleming's character.

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