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M. Sappho is the pseudonym of a fictional military figure; placed under investigation by MI6. The character appeared during the co-operative multiplayer mission 'Tunisia' in Electronic Arts' 2004 James Bond video-game Everything or Nothing.


Operating out of his secret palace in an isolated area in Tunisia near the Gulf of Gabes, the individual know only as M. Sappho comes to the attention of MI6, who in turn dispatch a pair of field agents to investigate his activities. Entering through a hidden entrance, the pair infiltrate Sappho's palace and diffuse explosives intended to destroy all evidence of his operations. After uncovering nanotechnology machinery concealed underneath the Palace's courtyard the pair are confronted by Sappho, operating a quad-missile turret. He is killed and the agents egress from the building. Although not explicitly stated, his involvement with nanotechnology would seem to link him to the activities of Nikolai Diavolo.


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