The M5A1 Stuart is an American light tank of World War II. It was supplied to British and Commonwealth forces under lend-lease prior to the entry of the U.S. into the war. Thereafter, it was used by U.S. and Allied forces until the end of the war. An estimated 8,884 M5 and M5A1 tanks were produced in total.[1] An M5A1 tank appears in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill, utilized by the Isthmian militia.

Film appearance

Preventing his inadvertent meddling in a narcotics investigation into Sanchez's activities, James Bond is kidnapped by members of the Hong Kong Narcotics Agency and is taken to a secluded safe house. Their MI6 contact tries to sedate Bond for transport back to London, but the Isthmus military, under the command of Colonel Heller, attacks the house with an M5A1 Stuart tank; killing the occupants and liberating a bound and unconscious 007 - assuming him to be an ally.



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