Gonzales was a Cuban hitman employed by Herr von Hammerstein to murder the Havelocks in the James Bond short-story "For Your Eyes Only".


Gonzales is a hired assassin in the employ of Herr von Hammerstein, a former Gestapo officer working for Batista in Cuba. After von Hammerstein is dismissed by Batista he hires Gonzales to convince Colonel Timothy Havelock to sell his Jamaican estate to von Hammerstein, though he refuses. Gonzales then steps aside and the pair are gunned down by two Cuban bandits at the direction of their leader, Major Gonzales; all three work then promptly leave.

At the request of M, Bond travels to Vermont, via Canada, to track down von Hammerstein at his rented estate at Echo Lake. When Bond arrives on the scene, he finds the Havelocks' daughter, Judy, who intends to carry out her own mission of revenge. Judy kills von Hammerstein by shooting him in the back with a bow and arrow from 100 yards (91 m) away at the exact moment that he dives into a lake. A shoot-out then occurs between Bond, von Hammerstein's men and Gonzales. Judy is injured in the process, but Bond kills all of them.

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