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Manuela is a fictional intelligence operative affiliated with the British Secret Service who is based at Station VH in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A supporting character and Bond girl, she appears in the 1979 James Bond film, Moonraker and is portrayed by Aruban actress Emily Bolton.


Manuela first appears when she is seen following James Bond in her white convertible car through the busy streets of Brazil. When Bond, travelling in the back of a Rolls-Royce from the airport to his hotel, notices her, she accelerates and drives past.

When Bond arrives at his suite, Manuela is already there preparing him a martini - shaken not stirred. After a quick dialogue where she confirms that the C & W letters that he found in Venice are the initials of a large distribution company in Rio, a subsidiary of Drax Industries. She then sits provocatively on the sofa, with the bottom open dress showing her legs. Bond approaches, sits down and pulls the sting of her dress, undoing it and the pair engage in sex.

In the evening the two go to the store C & W in central Brazil, where there is a large carnival parade. Bond and her are followed by Jaws, henchman of the villain Hugo Drax. Bond goes into the warehouse, while Manuela waits outside to make sure nobody sees him. Taking advantage of a moment that Manuela is alone in the alley next to the warehouse while Bond investigates the interior, Jaws appears dressed as a giant doll and tries to kill her biting her in the neck with his steel teeth. Bond reappears and manages to save her pushing the giant killer away who ends up being taken in the middle of a group of revealers passing samba on the street.

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