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Marc-Ange Draco is the fictional head of one of the most powerful crime syndicates in the world and father of Tracy Bond (therefore Bond's father-in-law). He appears in both the novel and film adaptation of On Her Majesty's Secret Service and is portrayed by Gabriele Ferzetti.


After saving the life of Draco's daughter, Bond is ushered to Draco's office where the two men get to know each other for only a very short time before Draco propositions James Bond. It is suggested that 007 pursue Draco's daughter, Tracy, and marry her with a dowry of one million pounds. Draco is convinced she will benefit from the strength of a man in her life but Bond recognises she is her own women. Despite disagreeing on what would be the best for Tracy - Bond has other motives for cooperating with the mob-boss. Draco, it seems, knows where to find Ernst Stravro Blofeld.

When Bond is unable to get MI6 to destroy Piz Gloria, Bond requests Draco and a group of his men within the Union Corse to help him in the attack on Blofeld's mountain hideaway. Upon arriving Blofeld's headquarters, Draco and his men rescue the kidnapped Tracy, and personally knocks his daughter unconscious when she chooses to stay behind for Bond.

After Bond and Tracy become newlyweds, Draco acknowledges his meeting of M being "the man who cost me three of my best operators" in which M replies "Yes. November 1964 - The bullion job." most likely referring to the Goldfinger incident.


Quiet but self-confident, Draco has made a sufficient amount of money from his numerous illegal deals as well as legitimate business in agriculture and construction. He his a person of extreme interest to MI6, but Bond is focused on one thing only, Draco's ability to help him locate Blofeld. Draco is thoughtful and considered much of the time but clearly acts out of passion on occasion. He has had numerous affairs since parting with Tracy's mother but has never found anyone to settle down with. Draco is conscious of the neglect his daughter has suffered and has no way to reign her in - save a little help from James Bond. He tries to make up for lost years but his suborn daughter does not relate to him. Despite strained family relations, his illegal businesses are thriving and in many ways, Draco is similar to Bond with a love of good food and drink and a wicked, cynical sense of humor.


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