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The Marchetti Pilot was a fictional unnamed Bolivian military pilot serving under the command of exiled dictator, General Medrano. A minor character and antagonist, he briefly appeared in the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace, portrayed by Spanish actor Antonio Gil.


Due to a deal between criminal operative Dominic Greene and General Medrano in overthrowing the Bolivian government, Colonel Carlos is tasked to murder British agent James Bond and Bolivian agent Camille Montes. Upon hearing that both Bond and Montes are piloting their plane towards to Atacama Desert, Carlos dispatches a militarized Aermacchi SF.260TP fighter-trainer to pursue the duo and kill them on sight. To that end, the Pilot tracks down both Bond and Montes and riddles their antiquated transport plane with bullets, destroying one of the engines and causing it to produce heavy smoke. Despite the damage, Bond manages to improvise by using the smoke to block the Pilot's vision, placing his aircraft in such a manner as to reduce the SF.260's airspeed; causing him to lose control and crash into a rock formation.

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