The Four Moneypennys - Profile

All the major versions of Moneypenny depicted in the Eon film series.

Miss Moneypenny is the fictional secretary to M, the head of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6). Although she has a small part in the films, it is always highlighted by the underscored romantic tension between her and Bond (something that is virtually nonexistent in Ian Fleming's novels, though somewhat more apparent in the Bond novels of John Gardner and Raymond Benson). On that note, she is not always considered to be a Bond girl, having never had anything more than a professional relationship with Bond, to her dismay. According to the movie You Only Live Twice, she holds the rank of Second Officer in the Women's Royal Naval Service. To date she has been portrayed by Lois Maxwell, Caroline Bliss, Samantha Bond and Naomie Harris in the EON Productions series of films, with two unofficial portrayals.




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