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Miss Taro was the fictional secretary to Pleydell Smith (the Chief Secretary of the colonial government in Jamaica) and an informant working for evil scientist Dr. Julius No. She appeared as a secondary antagonist in the 1958 Ian Fleming novel Dr. No.

Novel biography

Miss Taro was a Chinese woman who worked in Jamaica as a secretary for Pleydell Smith, who in turn worked for the British Secret Service as Principal Secretary at Government House in Kingston, Jamaica. She uses her privileged position to relay confidential government information back to Dr. No. Thanks to Taro's intelligence, Dr. No was made aware of Bond's identity and a welcoming party consisting of Annabel Chung and a taxi were waiting for 007 on his arrival in Kingston Airport. This had led them to his room at the Blue Hills Hotel, where a basket-full of poisoned fruit was left for him. She also proved instrumental in stealing vital government files on Dr. No.

Off the coast of Jamaica was a small island named Crab Key. It was owned by Dr. No, who was using a powerful radio beam to takeover the guidance systems of USA test missiles so he could crash land them. Miss Taro reported back any information that may concern him or his island. She looked through Bond's file and reported that a British Spy was coming to Investigate. Bond discovered this when he found his folder open on her desk. She also stole the files on Crab Key to deter anyone from investigating. Unlike the movie, Miss Taro doesn't appear again after Bond's meeting with Pleydell Smith.

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