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"I see you've put your money where your mouth is."
James Bond to Mister Bullion[src]

Mister Bullion was a fictional gold-toothed bodyguard employed by ex-KGB agent Valentin Zukovsky and secretly an associate of Renard and Elektra King. An antagonist portrayed by British DJ / producer Goldie (Clifford Price), he appeared in the 1999 James Bond film, The World is Not Enough, and subsequently appeared in its accompanying novelization as Somali-born Maurice Womasa.


A seemingly loyal servant to Valentin Zukovsky, Mister Bullion ultimately double-crosses his boss by working for Elektra King and Renard. In 1999[1], he is present when British agent James Bond and Elektra paid a visit to Zukovsky's casino, where Elektra lost a game to Zukovsky. He later appeared driving Zukovsky to his caviar factory near the Caspain Sea, but spots Bond's car in the docks. It eventually turns out that Bullion himself is in cahoots with Elektra and Renard's plot to destroy Istanbul so that they can monopolize the world's oil market; this was shown when he called Elektra about 007's presence. As such, Elektra sends over several helicopters with blades to dispose of Bond and Zukovsky. True enough, Bond has to deal with the helicopters at the factory and escapes with Zukovsky and nuclear physicist, Christmas Jones.

Bullion later resorts them to Zukovsky's KGB safe house and plants a bomb inside a briefcase, killing many of the businessman's associates and leaving Zukovsky himself for dead while taking Bond and Christmas Jones captive. Eventually, Zukovsky manages to survive the explosion and follows them to Elektra's island, where he comes face-to-face with Bullion. When the enforcer anxiously expresses his delight that his boss is alive, Zukovsky replies with a shower of bullets in revenge for his betrayal. Unfortunately, Zukovsky ends up suffering Bullion's fate after Elektra shoots him, though he uses the last of his energy to free Bond before succumbing to his injuries, allowing 007 to shoot down Elektra.

Alternate continuities

The World Is Not Enough (novelisation)

The World Is Not Enough (video game)


  • Bullion was originally named "The Boa" in the first draft of the film's script and written as a hulking brutish henchman akin to Jaws. These characteristics were incorporated in the film's novelisation which also retained the character's signature gold encrusted maw, effectively making him somewhat of a Jaws knockoff.


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