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Moishe Soref is a fictional former Mossad operative, Telecom giant and, unbeknownst to international authorities, a high-ranking member of the criminal organization Quantum. A minor antagonist, he appeared in the 2008 James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, portrayed by Erosi Margiani, and also makes an appearance in the film's accompanying video-game.


Moishe Soref is a former Mossad agent, Telecom giant but also a member of Quantum's executive board. He was one of several peoples attending a meeting during a performance of Tosca at an opera house in Bregenz, Austria. The primary issue on their agenda was the Tierra Project - a scheme to establish political and financial dominance of Bolivia by illicitly buying up the rights to their limited water supply, gaining a monopoly, and installing an amenable puppet dictator. However, James Bond crashes their meeting and identifies Soref as a member of Quantum by using his smartphone to create a composite image, which is transmitted to MI6. Along with most of the hierarchy, the man promptly flees the auditorium and is not seen again, leaving his fate unknown.



  • Although referred to as 'Moishe Soref' by several characters in film and video game, Karakov is credited simply as "Quantum member".
  • Due to the implication in the 2015 James Bond film Spectre that the Quantum organisation was disbanded, there is a possibility that Soref was either arrested, excommunicated, or killed by SPECTRE.


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