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Monique de Troyes is a fictional French provincial from the 2018 James Bond novel Forever and a Day by Anthony Horowitz.


Early Life

Monique was born to a communist butcher, who had taken part in the 1934 anti-fascist riots in Paris, and never returned to the city. While Monique did not share her father's political views, his antiquated opinion of women's political opinions prevented conflict on this matter. She worked for Ferrix Chemiques in Marseilles, a job that her mother had to convince her father to let her take.[1]

Forever and a Day (2018)

While at the train station one day in 1950, Monique was approached by a man she would come to know as Richard Blakeney, with whom she became romantically involved. He asked her to steal some invoices from her work relating to the company Wolfe Europe. She stole several invoices, but only one satisfied him. He promised to take her to Paris and London, but from her time living in the Marseilles area, she understood that acting out of line and looking into things could get you killed. And when a body was pulled out of the La Joliette basin, she knew it was him long before the body was identified.

About a month after she had met when she left her house to visit the market, she was followed by a man (James Bond who had been at Ferrix the day before. She lead him away toward an old church and demanded that he leave her alone. He revealed that he wanted to know about Blakeney, and she informed him that if anyone saw him with her, or knew where she was, she would be killed. He swore that no-one had followed him, or knew he was there. Monique insisted that she go to the market, so as to not face consequences from her parents and shot down his offer to go with her, as being seen with a stranger in a small town would attract attention. Instead she offered to meet him at a cafe at the train station in one hour's time. After delivering the groceries home, she met with Bond at the agreed spot and told him what little she knew of Blakeney.

When the conversation ended, Monique left the cafe and crossed the street before being deliberately run over by gangsters in a black Peugeot 202 Berline. She was rolled over the top of the car and thrown into the air before hitting the ground mangled and dead. Bond suspected that the timing of her assassination was pre-planned, and had nothing to do with their conversation.


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